Moose Hollow Lodge Family Reunion and Church Retreats

“Our Ladies’ group from church enjoyed a spiritual retreat at Moose Hollow Lodge. The facilities are amazing! We had plenty of room to spread out, the chapel for our worship was attached to the lodge. This was great to save time and for some of our older ladies. During our free time, we never had to leave the lodge. We had more than we could ever have time to do at the lodge. The lodge was clean, with a great layout and amazing view. I would recommend it for any occasion.”


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Plan your Smoky Mountain Family reunion and Church Retreats

For your family reunions and church retreats in the Smoky Mountains, accessibility is key. Notably, Pigeon Forge, nestled in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, stands as the premier gathering spot in the United States. Its central location ensures easy access from the East Coast, West Coast, and central states.

Once Pigeon Forge is your chosen destination, the next crucial step is securing accommodations that comfortably house your entire large group. Simplify this decision by selecting Moose Hollow Lodge, a top choice among families on Tennessee vacations and church retreats. Remarkably, just a 35-minute drive from Knoxville airport, Moose Hollow Lodge warmly awaits your arrival.

Family Reunions and Church Retreats in Smoky Mountains
Family Reunions and Church Retreats in Smoky Mountains

Event Center is FREE!!

Besides accessibility, the pivotal aspect for church or business retreats is selecting a venue with dedicated spaces for worship and meetings. At Moose Hollow Lodge, we go above and beyond by providing the Pigeon Forge Chapel and Conference Center, all included in your package. As the exclusive Smoky Mountain resort allowing private reservation of the entire facility, we distinctly stand out.

Furthermore, our lodge is meticulously designed, ensuring all essential facilities are conveniently onsite. This comprehensive setup guarantees a seamless experience, ideal for hosting various events: Tennessee family vacations, church retreats, business gatherings, and refined dining affairs.

Stepping into the chapel reveals a stunning hardwood floor with a central aisle, creating an elegant ambiance. Adorned stained glass frames the altar, fostering a serene atmosphere, complemented by a backlit cross that enhances the setting for worship services and receptions. An 80-inch TV at one end adds versatility, offering entertainment options.

Included are Sixty (60) chairs, six (6) 60-inch round, and twelve (12) 6-foot rectangle tables, perfect for business retreats, family gatherings, or weddings. But the fun doesn’t stop there! The chapel boasts an 80-inch TV, enabling ball game viewing or karaoke challenges. Additionally, two karaoke mics with over 2100 songs ensure non-stop singing throughout your stay. Begin planning your TN family vacations today by visiting our reservations page and securing your dates.

Feed your Large Group

Accommodating the diverse tastes of attendees at large gatherings such as family vacations, church retreats, and business retreats can be a challenge. Some may prefer grilled food, while others may lean towards fried or smoked dishes. Recognizing this, we’ve taken every detail into account, including ample space for meal preparation that caters to everyone’s preferences. Additionally, our expansive group lodge features a generously-sized, fully equipped kitchen.

For those seeking the thrill of grilling, our designated area is equipped with a gas grill, two charcoal grills, and an impressive six-foot smoker. Furthermore, the kitchen is thoughtfully stocked with all the necessary tools and utensils to prepare sizable meals. Moreover, two ovens, a spacious cooktop, a dishwasher, an array of pots and pans, and two sinks facilitate effortless cleanup. Consequently, whether it’s grilling, frying, or smoking, our facilities are designed to meet every culinary need.

However, if you’d prefer to indulge in a vacation free from cooking duties, consider hiring a personal chef. Our local vendors page provides recommendations for skilled chefs who can craft delectable meals throughout your stay.

Entertain your Large Group

Pigeon Forge is the place to entertain large groups when it is time to get out of the cabin. Go to Pigeon Forge where they have dozens of attractions that cater to large groups. There is something adults and kids can do together.

We have dedicated an entire page to local attractions that are suitable for all ages. Just check out Dollywood theme park, live shows, and more. We also recommend the Comedy Barn for a good hard laugh.


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