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 Donna F.

” This 3 level fully stocked lodge is magnificent. First class all the way! Breathtaking views, pristine and clean throughout. All the modern conveniences of Home but with so much more! The bedrooms are very spacious and gorgeously decorated and the beds are super comfy with fluffy comfortable pillows, which is great for people with bad backs, like me.” 

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We get it, planning a vacation can be confusing. We hope these frequently asked questions help. If you still have questions, contact us at 1-301-238-5133 and we will be happy to help.

What Does It Cost To Rent The Lodge ?

Please visit our rates and reservations page to run a quote. You can even email it to yourself after you click “review and book” Frequently Asked Questions was last modified: June 28th, 2020 by moosehollow

Is The Lodge Handicap Accessible ?

We are currently working on a ramp that will allow the handicap and elderly access the lodge easier. Please call for a status of this construction project.

Once inside the lodge the middle level has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, living room and kitchen. Please note that none of these areas are ADA compliant.

What Time Is Check Out And What Is The Check Out Proceddure ?

Please complete the following prior to leaving the lodge on the day of your checkout.

1. Check out time is 10am
2. Call reservations at 301-238-5133 to validate the lodge is secure and the alarm can be armed
3. When you leave everything should be how you found it.
4. Close all doors and windows and lock them
5. Place all used towels and wash clothes in the tub to indicate they have been used.
6. Leave all linen on the beds.
7. Wash the dishes and wipe down the counter tops
8. All trash should be bagged, tied and placed in the trash containers next to the pool house.
9. Make sure you do a walk through and make sure you didn’t leave any personal belongings
10. No trash including cups, paper items, boxes etc should be left in or outside of the lodge. Police the deck to make sure there is no trash present.
11. If you hold an event and bring items such as pallets or supplies, you must take those with you.

How Well Is The Kitchen Stocked ?

The kitchen is very well stocked with the following items. Please note, even though we try to keep the kitchen fully stocked there are times when items break between reservations which could take time to repair. It is also highly encouraged to bring paper products so you are not spending your entire vacation washing dishes from all your guests.

1. Two sinks
2. One dish washer
3. Three Ovens
4. One Microwave
5. Full size refrigerator
6. Full size freezer
7. Plenty of silverware to service the max capacity in the cabin (56)
8. Plenty of dishes to service the max capacity in the cabin (56)
9. Commercial Keurig coffee maker (hard line connected to the water)
10. Commercial ice maker which will produce enough ice for all your guests
11. One Mixer
12. Plenty of pots, pans and cooking utensils

Can We Provide Our Own Alcohol On Site ?

1. We do not provide alcohol however if you are of age you are welcome to enjoy your vacation or event.
2. Please keep in mind that there are other cabins in the area and quiet time starts at 10pm

What Is The Maximum Capacity Of Moose Hollow Lodge And The Chapel?

1. The max capacity of the lodge is 56.
2. The max capacity of the chapel is approximately 80 with additional seating that you may provide.

Are We Allowed To Bring Alcohol On Site ?

1. Yes, as long as you are legally of age alcohol is permitted
2. Moose Hollow Lodge does not serve alcohol

Is There a Fire Pit Or Can We Build a Fire Outside ?

No, there are no fire-pits or places for camp fires on the property.

We Are a College Group, Can We Rent Moose Hollow Lodge ?

You must call 301-238-5133 and explain the details of your group. Due to past problems with college groups damaging property and not following rules, there have been security precautions put in place. Call for details and a briefing. You MAY be denied based on problems of certain colleges.

What Does It Cost To Have a Wedding At This Location ?

Nothing! We are happy to say that Moose Hollow Lodge is the only place in the area that includes an on site chapel for the cost of renting the lodge. We recommend renting three nights so you have time to work with caterers (if needed), set up for your wedding and remove all your decorations.

What Is The Check In Time And Proceddure ?

Enjoy the convenience of automation. You will be emailed a unique cabin code prior to your arrival. This code will allow you to go directly to the lodge.

1. Check in time is no earlier than 4pm please do not attempt to arrive early than the allocated time.
2. When you arrive at the lodge, inspect all items and report anything out of the ordinary.

Please complete the following prior to leaving the lodge on the day of your checkout.

What Complementary Items Are Provided By Moose Hollow Lodge ?

The following complementary items are provided and are available upon your arrival. You will mostly likely use more than the initial supply so it is highly encouraged you purchase more of these items for your use.

1. Toilet Paper
2. Paper Towels
3. Kitchen Trash Bags (recommend you purchase large green lawn bags for the heavy bulk of your trash)
4. Linen
5. Towel sets for up to 56 guests

Do I Need To Bring Linen And Towels ?

No, all linen and towels are provided. Though we do provide pool towels for the hot tubs and pools, we do recommend that you bring your favorite pool towels to use.

Can I Stream Netflix In The Theater ?

Yes, the DVD player is a smart DVD player so you can log in to Netflix and stream your favorite movies. Please note that the WIFI connection may be used my many of your fellow guests which could limit your connection and speed.

What Is The Max Capacity Of The Lodge And Chapel

We Are Thinking About Having a Few Meals Catered. Who Can We Hire ?

Here are a couple of personal chefs that will come to Moose Hollow Lodge and either plate serve or great a buffet meal for you. They are both great and come highly recommended.

Are There Other Places I can Hold My Wedding On Site ?

Setting up for the wedding can be a big chore. We have developed a luxury wedding website just for your special occasion. By visiting this site you can gather ideas from past beautiful Smoky Mountain Weddings. Let your mind explore all the possibilities!

1. The chapel can be used for your reception and or wedding.
2. We have had many weddings and receptions in the parking lot. There are local vendors that will bring tents, tables and chairs and set them up in the parking lot.
3. Weddings have been performed on the deck with the great view in the background
4. There is even an area in front of the deck that people have used, it looked amazing.

How Can We Find Out About Local Events In The Area ?

We have linked to local favorite sites to bring you up to date information on events in the area.

Local Pigeon Forge Events


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Frequently Asked Questions
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We get it, planning a vacation can be confusing. We hope these frequently asked questions help.
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