4 Reasons to Plan a Vacation And Use Our Private Indoor Swimming Pool Cabin

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee heated private indoor swimming pool cabin in the Smoky Mountains is the best way to relax…

Private Indoor Swimming Pool

1. Incorporate the indoor swimming pool cabin in your wedding or event

You don’t need to be rich to rent your own private indoor swimming pool cabin. Many people look for something different to do for their wedding or event, why not incorporate a beautiful indoor swimming pool cabin?  We have had many people utilize the indoor pool area as well as the outdoor area into a beautiful oasis.  We leave it up to your imagination as to how to decorate the area but all through the website there are pictures and ideas of what prior guests have done. If you would like to find out more about our cabin with an indoor just click here.

Private Indoor Swimming Pool

2. Relax in the indoor swimming pool cabin while on vacation

Discover Pigeon Forge’s Private Heated Indoor Swimming Pool Cabin! Don’t miss the opportunity for a family reunion without an Indoor Swimming Pool Cabin. 

Moose Hollow Lodge goes beyond basic lodging. Experience luxury accommodations and fantastic amenities: a heated private indoor swimming pool cabin, chapel, conference center, arcade, and theater. Benefit from multiple amenities, saving money by staying in rather than heading into town.

Entertaining your group at theme parks and dinner shows in town is fantastic but expensive. Opt for our lodge’s numerous amenities and save significantly while ensuring a memorable gathering.

Reserve now and take advantage of all we offer at Moose Hollow Lodge.

Private Indoor Swimming Pool

3. Cool off in the summer

Cool off from the summer heat and protect yourself from the summer rays. Take a dip in our private indoor swimming pool cabin.  That’s right, this swimming pool cabin is fully enclosed and air conditioned.  When other people are sweating from the summer heat you will be lounging around in the swimming pool cabin or next to it watching your loved ones swim.   How about a night time swim?  Well this well lit area allows you to enjoy the swimming pool cabin without having to worry about mosquito or bugs of any kind.  Reserve now and make this happen.  You will love what we have put together for your enjoyment at Moose Hollow Lodge.

Private Hot Tubs

4. Take a Dip in the Hot Tubs

We not only offer an indoor swimming pool cabin as extra amenities.  Jump out of the swimming pool and in to one of two hot tubs! That’s right, there are two hot tubs, both located on the main deck between bedrooms. 

Just image, it’s a bone chilling night and you come right out of your room and get in this steamy hot tub with your favorite drink and friends.  Enjoy the mountain night air and taking in the wonderful views during the day.  Total relaxation awaits as bubbles message your stiff back.  Don’t wait any longer, book now! 

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