Find Out Why Our Wedding Chapel is the Perfect Place to Have Your Vow Renewal in Pigeon Forge TN

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Vow renewals are a special occasion. But this time, the ceremony doesn’t have to be quite as big and extravagant. A vow renewal ceremony is meant to be a bit more informal and more intimate. Most people include only their family and close friends to keep the ceremony private and more personal. Even though the ceremony is smaller, you still want to have a beautiful space and a great reception area for your guests. Here’s what guests love about our wedding chapel:

It’s a Beautiful Space for a Vow Renewal

Pigeon Forge Vow RenewalOur wedding chapel is a great place for your vow renewal in Pigeon Forge TN. The two toned hardwood floor is breathtaking and the stained glass at the end of the aisle will make nice pictures throughout the ceremony. The chapel is sophisticated enough for this ceremony without being too flashy. A vow renewal isn’t a second wedding, so it can be more relaxed. Your guests will love the simple and elegant beauty of the chapel.


Great Reception Area

Our conference center, which is right next to our Pigeon Forge cabin chapel, hasPigeon Forge Vow Renewal the right amount of space for your reception. We even have the perfect vendor for you to use! Fruitful Vintage is the best place to get all of the food for your event. You can even have a cake too! Your reception doesn’t have to be black tie spectacular – you can make it as casual as you want. Most people have dancing at their vow renewal reception, and you can do that at our reception area, too.

Amazing Photo Opportunities

Our wedding chapel has a beautiful setting to get some great photos of your vow renewal in Pigeon Forge TN. Make sure to plan enough time to get photos at the chapel and photos with the mountains in the background. You will want to look back on this special event and re-live every moment spent with those closest to your hearts!

Pigeon Forge Vow Renewal

Why Moose Hollow Lodge?

Pigeon Forge Vow RenewalEven though vow renewals tend to be smaller than weddings, you still want to have enough room for everyone that is attending your ceremony. Moose Hollow Lodge is the perfect place because it offers so much space. It is truly the best idea to rent the cabin so that all your guests can stay in one place. Then they won’t have to find the chapel and can be there as soon as the ceremony starts.

Moose Hollow Lodge has a lot to offer visitors, from a beautiful chapel to a huge reception space. The beautiful decor of the cabin and the space will be perfect for any occasion, but it’s particularly great for vow renewals in Pigeon Forge TN. Our cabin has enough space for you and your guests to relax and have plenty of privacy. Be sure to take a tour of Moose Hollow Lodge so you can see exactly what it would be like to spend your getaway at our cabin!

“The Ultimate Destination Wedding Spot! LOOK NO FURTHER!”
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It’s so hard to describe how wonderful Moose Hollow Lodge is. It’s more of the feeling you have when you are there……cozy and pampered. Fill it up with the people you love and you will not go wrong! Our week-end long wedding celebration was perfect. The chapel is beautiful and most of all the major necessities were supplied. All you need to do is give it your personal touch! Many of our group went into Pigeon Forge to explore and many of us just stayed back and enjoyed the lodge. Eddy is super friendly and had anything gone wrong, I know I could have counted on him to make it right! Although, not one single thing went wrong. Also, if you don’t want to be tied down cooking meals, Chef Ray from Fruitful Vintage was superb! Enjoyed him and his crew in our kitchen—they fit right in with the festive mood everyone was in! The best advise I can give you is that if you are looking for a place comfortable enough for a large group—-look no further. I had no intentions of going to Tennessee for our wedding, but when I spotted Moose Hollow Lodge I knew I had found the perfect place—and I wasn’t wrong! JUST GO!

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